September 21, 2018

Our Activities

We are involved in many activities that help promote veteran support in communities around the world. Veterans are some of the most important members of our society – they’ve provided sacrifices that help keep us safe, and have tons of potential to contribute to our communities. However, they are often overlooked, particularly when they need help re-adjusting to society after being in combat, or need medical treatment. We are involved in many activities that promote a better life for veterans. These include:


  • Education About Veteran Issues: One of the biggest challenges that veterans face is that many people in their community, even their own friends and family, do not understand the complexities of veteran’s issues, and therefore don’t know how to help them or support them appropriately. We provide education about veteran’s issues in many ways. We publish frequent articles aimed at helping both veterans and the people around them, and we are also involved in local community events where experts speak about how you can help veterans.
  • Resources For Veterans: Many veterans know what they need to do to reach their goals, but they don’t have access to the resources that would help them the most. We aim to eliminate this challenge by providing a comprehensive directory of resources that veterans can use to help them get jobs, healthcare, and other things that are essential for living a comfortable life. We are currently compiling lists for many major cities, but if you have a resource you’d like to recommend, please let us know and we will add it to the list.
  • Community Events for Veterans: Finally, we like to host community events for veterans to help them re-adjust to life, meet others who have faced the same challenges, and give them positive experiences. We have hosted a variety of different events throughout our community over the years. These include painting murals in community spaces, outdoor festivals and celebrations, and active events like walks and sports games. We encourage veterans, their families and friends, and anyone who wants to support the community to participate.
  • Fundraising For Veterans: While we don’t directly fundraise for veterans, we promote fundraising efforts of other organizations, and we also aim to help veterans find the support they need. Through our discussion boards, you can connect with veterans and veterans’ organizations that need support, and you can help them if you want to give your support.