September 21, 2018

Important Resources for Veterans

Upon returning from combat, many veterans aren’t sure where to start when it comes to getting the resources that they need. There are tons of organizations that offer help for veterans after they return, from providing health care to job placement to housing. Here are some of the most prominent resources for veterans in the United States and how they can help veterans. If you are a veteran or you know one, check out these service to see how you can better your life.

JobsThere are many organizations that help veterans find jobs. Getting a steady job upon returning from the military is very important for adjusting back to normal life. However, this can be quite difficult, particularly if you are competing with those who are younger or have more education. The military offers a job board specifically for veterans, and there are many other local sites that allow employers to post jobs specifically aimed at vets. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs offers nation-wide job placement services, and there are many local organizations that do the same.

EducationFor many vets, getting an education is a major goal, and a pathway to improving their life. Through the GI Bill, those who have served in the military are often able to get free college tuition or have their educational debts paid off. Government organizations such as the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the Department of Education, and the Department of Labor all offer education and job training programs for veterans.

HousingFinding housing upon return from combat can be quite difficult, particularly if the veteran does not have a traditional family structure to return to. Veteran homelessness has been a problem in the past, but to prevent this, there are many organizations that offer free or affordable housing to veterans. Through the VA, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development provides vouchers that help vets and their families sustain permanent housing. Many local organizations also provide temporary housing for vets until their can find a more sustainable option.

Health CareThrough the Affordable Care Act, many veterans are now able to get health care for free or for affordable monthly costs. There are many specific programs that you can enroll in depending on your service levels and your health conditions. In many cases, these programs can also provide health care service for your family as well (learn about military legal help for veterans). The VA also offers mental health services for veterans, which is absolutely crucial to treat conditions like PTSD, depression, and other issues. The National Center for PTSD is another good place to look for help with this condition.

There are many other organizations that provide a range of services to help veterans. These include the USO, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Wounded Warrior Project, Disabled American Veterans, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, and many more. Many state and city governments also have local organizations that help veterans directly in their area. If you need help with veterans’ issues, contact these organizations to find out more and get the support you and your family need.